Black Queer Feminist Urbanist Lounge
Black Queer Feminist Urbanist Lounge
Kristen Jeffers

Welcome to Black Queer Feminist Urbanist Lounge

Healing and Learning Circle Centering Black Queer Feminist Urbanist Thought

About Your Host

I’m Kristen…

I write about place.

I love great places.

I am Black Queer and Feminist. 

I am Urban. 

I am an Urbanist.

My (late) Black North Carolinian dad was a key influence in me being interested in the city. We used to bike around our working-class neighborhood, walk to the neighborhood ballpark and go downtown to all the festivals. He also took me to more school buildings than I would care to share.

My Black North Carolinian mom taught in some of those school buildings and encouraged me to write my first books, make my first crafts, dance on beatand have a moral center. Between the two of them and my years in Greensboro, Raleigh, Durham, Kansas City, Washington, D.C.  and Baltimore, I grew up and into a love of architecture, streets, trees, buses, trains and lots of other things in the environment.

Now I bring this to you and for you in a format that is straightforward about who I am, a Black urbanist, a young queer cis woman of African-American, specifically North Carolinan, descent who likes all things built environment, especially when it comes to cities.

About This Space

Founded by Kristen Jeffers of The Black Urbanist multimedia platform to convene and support fellow Black, Indigenous and other aware and radicalized People of Color, who are either Queer or Queer affirming, committed to feminist, womanist, Anti-Black, anti-xenophobic, anti-capitalist, anti-classist, anti-ableist values.

This is NOT a white space. Please join my Patreon ( community if you are white and want to learn more and provide support to POCs.

While we hold space for people to heal, this is also a brave space, where we have real and honest conversations about what it's meant to call oneself  an urbanist or work in the design, government, policy, social service  transportation, environmental, real estate, construction and other adjacent fields as a Black, Indigenous or other aware or radicalized person of color.